Profanity Ink Product Review

From time to time we find great products online and like to help spread the word. We kept losing/having our pens stolen and it was getting to us. We wanted a pen that was functional, satisfied our potty mouths and warned off potential pen thieves 🙂

After a quick search we stumbled across the perfect product. Profanity Ink create and sell rude pens, notebooks and even pencil cases. We share a similar business ethos and foul mouth!

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After a good browse of their products we chose our favourites and got them ordered. Our package arrived 2 days later and we were very excited to unpack the order.

Within the envelope were the pens wrapped in a stylish paper bag, matching their branding.

A business card, attached to the bag, detailed the companies social media and contact details.

Within the package were the 3 pens we ordered with the following slogans;

Fuck Off, I’m Busy

Hands Off My Fucking Pen

Hands Off. Thieving Cunt

The pens look great, have a quality feel and write well too. We’ve been using them in the office and everyone loves them. We used one in our visitors book making everyone laugh and it’s not been stolen yet 🙂


If you like the look of Profanity Ink’s pens, please browse the Profanity Ink website or their Ebay Store. There are pens, papers pads and now even sweary pencil cases. They’d look great next to a sweary mug 😉